07894 855491 |  info@russianrusalka.co.uk

07894 855491 |  info@russianrusalka.co.uk

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Welcome to Russian Rusalka 

We are a Leading Russian Hair Extension specialist. We are a UK based company with Worldwide Shipping. We have 12 years experience in hair extensions, we specialise in Luxury Russian Remy & Virgin Russian Hair.

All of our Virgin Hair is hand picked directly from Russia, to ensure we get the best quality we prefer to fly over and choose the locks, this is done once a month to ensure we can offer our clients exactly what they are looking for, Premium Virgin Russian Hair.

We keep a high stock of hair in and so we find we can cater to the clients requirements, however sometimes we may need to make a trip for your desired hair.


Russian Ruslaka offers various applications of the hair extensions. Which are all carried out by our team of extension specialist technicians.






Why Choose Russian

People often ask us why Russian virgin hair is known as the best and why its prices reflect this? Russian Hair is the closest match in looks and texture to the Western Woman’s hair leaving you with a very natural look. The main reason we choose Russian virgin hair is based on the quality and longevity of it. The Russian diet is high in nutrients and vitamins and low in sugar, salts and processed animal fats. This produces strong thick healthy hair.

Here at Russian Rusalka’s we offer a by appointment consultation service, a mobile consultation service, and a walk in service

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